• Samosa$0.85

    Triangular fried patty filled with boiled potatoes & spices

  • Aloo Tikki$0.85

    Spicy fried potato patty

  • Samosa Chat$4.99

    Triangular fried patty with boiled potatoes, chickpeas & served with special sauce

  • Aloo– Tikki Chat$4.99

    Spicy fried potato patty served with chickpeas & two special sauces

  • Pani Puri$4.99

    Small puffy, wheat balls served with chickpeas, potatoes & special sweet, tangy water

  • Chat Papri$5.99

    Crispy fried dough served with onions, potato, tomatoes, chickpeas & special sauces

  • Cholay Bhature$6.99

    Deep fried wheat bread served with chickpeas & sauce

  • Puri Cholay$6.99

    Deep fried wheat bread served with chickpeas & sauce

  • Veggi Pakorra$4.99

    Spicy gram batter deep fried to make fritters

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