Charcoal Kabob Specials

  • Seekh Kabob$10.99

    Ground beef & grated onions with house seasoning & BBQ

  • Lamb Seekh Kabob$11.99

    Ground lamb & grated onions with seasoning grilled on skewers

  • Chicken Seekh Kabob$10.50

    Ground chicken & grated onions with house seasoning grilled on skewers

  • Chicken Tikka (Boneless)$10.99

    Chicken white meat chuns marinated in special house seasoning

  • Tandoori Chicken (With Bone)$10.50

    Small pieces of chicken marinated with special herbs & spices BBQ on charcoal

  • Lamb Chops Tandoori$13.99

    Lamb chop marinated in spices & yogurt cooked on skewers

  • Chapli Kabob (Chicken or Beef)$11.99

    Choice of marinated meat & cooked flat on grill

  • Kabob Roll$7.99

    (Chicken or Beef) lettuce, onion, & tomatoes

  • Charcoal Special for two$17.99

    2 pieces of lamb chops, 4 pieces of tandoori chicken & 4 pieces of chicken tikka along with rice, 2 naan & chutney sauce

Lunch Buffet

All You Can Eat (11:00am - 3:00pm)

Weekend Buffet - $8.99 Per Person
Weekdays Buffet - $7.99 Per Person


Weekend - $5.99 Per LB
Weekdays - $4.99 Per LB

Catering Available for All Occasions

Everyday we deliver!

Within 5 Miles Radius...Minimum $20

Weekend Specials

Saturday & Sunday

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